Template / XPath 2.0 / XQuery / CSS 3 Selector / JSONiq Online Tester

(You can find the documentation below)

HTML/XML-Input file:
Template XPath 2.0 XQuery 1.0 CSS 3.0 selectors Autodetect

disable auto refresh disable syntax highlighting
Output Options: Node format:: Output format:: Show types Hide variable names
Compatibility: Disable extended strings (e.g. x"{$varname}") Disable JSONiq (e.g. {"a": 1}("a")) Disable JSONiq literals (true,false,null) Only JSON types in objects (e.g. {"a": null} != {"a": ()})    Allow dot notation (e.g. {"a": 1}.a): : Strict type checking Strict namespaces case sensitive
Incomplete languages/Work in progress: XPath 3 XQuery 3

Result of the above expression applied to the above html file:

, result-only

What is this about?

Here you can test html templates, CSS 3 selectors, standard XPath 2 / XQuery and JSONiq expressions.
It is an example for my Pascal Internet Tools library written for VideLibri and implementing these queries.

You can find more details in the corresponding unit documentation:
    Documentation of the XQuery / XPath / CSS 3 selector implementation.
    Documentation of the template syntax.

Other related links:
    Internet Tools library, the library page.
    XQuery Testsuite Results, (and XPath only results).
    Xidel command line tool, a litte tool using this library for web page downloading / scraping.
    Source repository.